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Defensive Medical Solutions Inc. has now split into two separate entities due to business demands. DMS Inc will now be solely focused on Tactical Medical and Firearms training.

Plague Dr Gear LLC is the new sister company of Defensive Medic Solutions Inc. that will be focused on new product development and sales.

Defensive Medic Solutions Inc. was created due to the ever increasing violence against our Law Enforcement, First Responders, and innocent citizens around the country. Current trends show these numbers are increasing in both severity and frequency across all sectors of society, almost daily.

We have only one goal. To save as many lives as possible. Our solution to this problem is to teach individuals life saving skills so that they can then become force multipliers for first responders. In short, the person already at the scene of an incident is the initial responder until the professionals arrive.

Defensive Medic Solutions in conjunction with Strategic Trauma Solutions are pleased to make the upcoming class announcement.
March 15 & 16
Baytown, TX