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instructors bio

Howard McKee

Instructor/Owner Bio

Howard McKee
Defensive Medic Solutions Inc.
Plague Dr Gear LLC
Cell- 832-455-4443


  • • 25+ years as active member of Industrial Emergency Response team. Industrial firefighter, high angle/confined space rescue tech, HAZMAT tech
  • • 24+ years as EMT-B
  • • 10+ years Tactical Medical and Tactical Firearms training


  • • Experience working/training in highly dynamic environments.
  • • Trained with LE from various local, state, federal, and multi-agency task force in both firearms and medical. Have provided medical support in both static and dynamic environments while involved with training activities.
  • • Experience working with LE/SWAT and civilians in both student and instructor capacities for both Tactical Firearms and Tactical Medical training.
  • • Experience in force on force training utilizing SIMS/UTM weapons/marking systems in instructor, student and OPFOR roles.
  • • Experience in OPFOR roles for LE/SWAT/Federal SRT/MIL units utilizing explosive breaching methods and explosive distraction devices during entry.
  • • Experienced in performing active
  • • EMS/EMT duties and standby roles in civilian, heavy industry, entertainment, law enforcement and tactical communities.
  • • All tactics/tactical firearms training comes from former military Tier 1 SMEs.

Instructor Certifications

  • • Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor-NAEMT
  • • Train the Trainer-Z-Medica(Quick Clot)
  • • Tactical Pistol Instructor-CSAT
  • • Tactical Rifle Instructor-CSAT
  • • Shoot House Instructor-CSAT
  • • Active Shooter Instructor-Last Resort
  • • UTM Simunitions Instructor-Ultimate Training Munitions
  • • Pistol Instructor-NRA
  • • Range Safety Officer-NRA


  • • EMT-B- Tx Dept of Health
  • • TCCC/ Combat Medic/Corpsman-Tactical Medics Group
  • • Tactical Medical Integration-CSAT
  • • Advanced Individual Tactics-CSAT
  • • Close Quarter Marksmanship-Green Eyed Tactical
  • • CQB Fundamentals-Green Eyed Tactical
  • • Low Light/No Light-CSAT
  • • NVG Operations-Green Eyed Tactical

Mr. Smith


Team Leader/Lead Instructor

USMC | Camp Pendleton, Ca |

I started by graduating from the United States Marine Corps Boot Camp and then went on to serve in the Infantry that eventually allowed me to go to a selection process for a Direct- Action Unit.  After passing selection, I reported to my new unit and began my career in special operations.  While serving I was deployed overseas and conducted combat operations in and around the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aiden, Eastern, Western, Central Africa, and numerous Middle East countries. After a period of time on the team, I was then moved to the Point man position where I excelled.  Following a long stretch as a point man, I was selected to become a Team leader.

As a Team Leader with a Direct Action Unit, my responsibilities were to interview selectees, recommend selectees for acceptance, conduct and coordinate training for current team members, develop and implement new tactics, techniques, and procedures, advise other tactical units within the military, decipher intelligence and come up with operational plans, and conduct A.A.R. for higher command.  

As the lead instructor, my responsibilities were to develop shooting plans for our shooting package, come up with live training scenarios for our CQB package, coordinate Hand Combat training for our Fight package which includes Filipino Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, and Muay Thai.  I was responsible for my team’s firearms qualification on all small arms weapons system to include the Colt 1911, Sig Sauer 9mm, Glock 19, 21, and 17, Colt M-4, HK MP-5N, HK MP-5K, Bennelli M-1 Super 90 and the Remington 870.  My responsibility stretched to conducting live fire Kill House scenarios for the teams.  Along with our SOTG (Special Operations Training Group), I was responsible for training teams in Hostage Rescue operations, Linear assault operations (Bus, Vehicle, Trains, airplanes), Capture Missions, VBSS (Visit Board Search Seizure), GOPLAT Operations (Gas Oil Platform), and Reconnaissance and Intelligence gathering.  

Houston Police Department S.W.A.T. Detail

Houston, TX |

As a member of the full-time S.W.A.T.  Detail, I started out as a Pointman.  As the Pointman, I was responsible for conducting intelligence on Warrant locations, planning route selection to an entry point, and leading the team inside the objective. In addition, my responsibility also included taking pictures of the objective’s exterior and come up with a floor plan, present it to the Team Leader and the command for approval.  My job was to learn the use of pole cameras, through the wall scopes, lock picking, robot function, hand- held mirror usage, and the use of the shield.  

Once I gained time on the team, I moved to the Team Leader position.  My job was to conduct and coordinate firearms training, CQB training, Vehicle Assault training, Bus Assault training, Airplane Assault, Maritime Operations, Warrant Execution, Hand Combat, Hostage Rescue training.  I developed and wrote the lesson plans and power points for Airplane Assaults, Vehicle/Bus Assaults, Hostage Rescue, and Maritime Operations.  All lesson plans and Power Points were developed to coincide with all State, Local, and Federal Laws.  

I have been involved as a Team Leader in the planning and conducting of numerous High- Risk Narcotics warrants, Homicide warrants, Robbery warrants, Major Offender warrants.  I have conducted numerous after- action reports for our command as well as for outside agencies.  I have conducted and coordinated numerous operations with other local and federal tactical units regarding Hostage Rescue/Active Violence operations.  I have mastered the knowledge of all tactical operations during my 14 years as a S.W.A.T. Officer.      

As a full-time member of the SWAT Detail I was able to train many different agencies that included the United States Coast Guard, D.E.A., U.S. Army Military Police, and Border Patrol.  The training I conducted for the United States Coast Guard included CQB, Fast Roping, VBSS, mechanical and shotgun breaching, use of the M-4 rifle, Remington 870, and the Sig Saur P226 pistol.  The training I conducted for the other listed units consisted of the same training including Shoot-house CQB, Hand Combat techniques and Linear Assaults minus VBSS. I have taught many local and federal agencies Warrant Execution which includes no knock, knock and talk, Knock and announce, and Surround and call out.  

Security Operations

U.S. Government (GRS/DSS) | Chantilly, VA|

After spending many years with the U.S. Military and Houston Police Department I decided to retire and enter into government service. My job was to write tactical and firearms lesson plans and power points for the Department of State and other government entities.  I set up numerous training scenarios for the listed units all around the Country as well as abroad.  I briefed command personnel on new tactics, techniques, and procedures that will be conducive with all SOP’s. My responsibilities were also to conduct security operations for high ranking government officials.

Combat Shooting and Tactics

Nacogdoches, TX |

I worked for the tactical training company Combat Shooting and Tactics.   As an Instructor with CSAT, I had the opportunity to train numerous federal/local/military tactical units from around the country in Hostage Rescue, Warrant Execution, Basic/Advanced SWAT, Tactical Carbine, Vehicle Assaults, Tactical Pistol, Mechanical, Ballistic, Explosive breaching, Flash Bang deployment, CBRN Operations, and Maritime Operations.    

Areas Of Expertise

 • Master Instructor | Strong Leader

• Superior interpersonal skills

• Client retention

• Intelligence gathering and dissemination

• Security survey and analysis

• Close Protection Operations

• Terrorist/Counter terrorist training

• Advanced Firearms Techniques

• Close Quarter Combative’s

• Linear Assaults

• High Risk Entry

• Hostage Rescue

• Basic/Special police training

• Dignitary Protection operations;

Training, planning and execution

• Personal Security operations; training, planning and execution

• Vehicle and Building assessments

• Physical and electronic security operations

• Maritime Operations

• Covert Clearings

• Active Shooter (Counter techniques)



 • Secret Clearance | DOS

• Tactical Medical Integration

TCCC Certified | 2012

• Firearms Instructor (Ron Avery, Todd Jarret, Rob Latham)

• Grappling Survival School | 1999

• Jeet Kune do/Filipino Martial Arts

Full Instructor | 2006

• Combat Submission Wrestling

Level 8 | 2007

• Progressive Fighting Systems

Executive Instructor | 2007

• Fast rope, Climbing, Rappelling Instructor


 • Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor

 • Developed CQB Tactics lesson plans

For Houston Police Academy

• Defensive Tactics Instructor School | 1998

• S.W.A.T. Basic School | 1998

• M-P5 Operators Course | 1999

• Less Lethal School | 2000

• FBI Firearms Instructor School | 2001

• S.W.A.T Advanced School | 2009

• ALLERT Center Active Shooter

Instructor | 2006

• TTPOA Rappel Master Instructor | 2009

• SPEAR Instructor | 2009

• Lock Picking School | 2009

• Talon Robot Operator | 2009


• USMC Basic Training

• Amphibious Reconnaissance


• Helicopter Rope Suspension

Technician School

• Combat Diver School|

• Hostage Rescue/ITC

• Airplane Assault Operator Course

• M.O.U.T/CQB School

• Rob Latham Combat Pistol School

• Hand Combat/Fight School

• VBSS/STD Navy Advance Course

• Navy GOPLAT Operator School

• Light Machine Gun Operator School

• Advanced Infantry Training School

• Department of State Dignitary Protection Course

• Heckler and Koch Mp-5 Operator Course

• Additional Schools attended but not instructor related

Courses Available

• Beginner Pistol Course (1-Day) $225.00 per student

• Beginner Rifle Course (1-Day) $275.00 per student

• Combat Pistol I Course (1-day) $275.00 per student

• Combat Rifle I Course (1-day) $325.00 per student

• Combat Pistol II Course (2-days) $425.00 per student

• Combat Rifle II Course (2-days) $475.00 per student

• Concealed Carry Pistol Course (1-Day) $275.00 per student

• Tactical Concealed Carry Course (2-Day) $375.00 per student

• Basic Tactical Room Clearing (3-days) 525.00 per student

• Hostage Rescue (LE, Military, Govt only) 5-days $1025.00 per student

• Extractions Course-Soft/Hard/Hot (3-Days) $525 per student

• Warrant Execution (LE/Govt only) 3-days $525.00 per student

• Linear Assaults (LE, Military, Govt only) 3-days $525.00 per student

• Active Shooter Course (3-days) $525.00 per student

• Evasive Driving (2-days) $375.00 per student

• Women’s Self-Defense (1-day) $175.00 per student

• Women’s Street- Smart Defense (3 days) $375.00 per student

• Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance Course (3-days) $525.00 per student

• Basic SWAT School (5-days) $625.00 per student

• Advanced SWAT School (7-days) $1,025 per student

• Physical Security Operations School (5-days) $1,025 per student

• Basic Executive/Dignitary Protection Course (3-Days) $375.00 per student

• Low Light/No Light Firearms Course (1-day) $225.00 per student

• Combat Swimming Techniques (2-days) $225.00 per student

• Basic Breaching Course (2-days) $325 per student

• Church Security Training (customized) donation only

• VBSS Course (4-days) $525 per student

• Combat Medical Course (3-days) $525 per student

• Combat Fighting Techniques (Ground, Stand-up, Weapons) 3 days $325 per student

• Open-Air Assault Course (3 days) $375.00 per student

• Military Special-Ops Prep Course (1 week) $525 per student

• Firearms Instructor School (5 days) $1,025 per student

• Shoot house Instructor School (5 Days) $1,025 per student

• Combat Grappling Course (3-Days) $325.00 per student

• Knife/Stick/Hand combat Course (3-Days) $325 per student

• Home Defense Course (customized) 2-Days $525 per residence

• Vehicle Firearms combat Course (1-Day) $525 per student

• Convoy/Motorcade Driving Course (2-Days) $525 per student

• Maritime Operations Security Course (3-Days) $625 per student

• Basic Land Navigation Course (1-day) $225.00 per student

****All classes must have a minimum of 10 students and a max number of 20****


• Leadership: What it means to be a leader in today’s world. (1-Day) $50.00

• Tactical Leadership and the 11 attributes one should possess (1-Day) $75.00

• Survival Tactics for overseas travel (1-Day) $75.00

• Be Your Own Bodyguard (1-Day) $75.00