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Tactical Medical:

Active Shooter Medical Response
Specifically designed to prepare LE, EMS and responsible citizens for an active shooter type event by utilizing tried and true TCCC medical intervention techniques. Special focus will be given to understanding how high stress events effect humans physically, physiologically, and psychologically. Students will then be immersed in realistic training scenarios based off of previous real world events.

This course will intentionally be conducted in a controlled high stress environment so that the student can understand how their body reacts and performs under duress. Due to the nature of the course Medical waivers MUST be filled out and submitted at time of sign up. Students who have any type of heart condition, PTSD, epilepsy should email prior to sign up to discuss special accommodations that may or may not be available.

Stress inducers to may or may not including the following methods:

  • • Simulated gunfire
  • • Simulated explosions
  • • Environmental effects
  • • Audible effects
  • • Visual effects
  • • Fake blood
  • • Paintball guns
  • • UTM weapons and MMR munitions
        •    PPE will be provided, but students may bring their own if preferred

    CE hours can be provided for students requiring them upon completion.

TCCC-Combat Life Saver

This course contains the standardized Tactical Combat Casualty Care Combat Lifesavers (TCCC CLS) curriculum developed by the Joint Trauma System, part of the Defense Health Agency.  It is intended to familiarize military personnel with TCCC principles, concepts, and critical skills to ensure they are adequately prepared to render medical aid to a trauma casualty. 

Instruction includes advanced skills needed to treat the most common causes of death on the battlefield, which are massive hemorrhage and airway/respiratory problems, as well as identification and treatment of other associated but not immediate life-threatening injuries. The idea is to ensure that in the absence of a combat medic or corpsman, the CLS will be able to replicate some (though not all) of the techniques for their squad until the patient(s) can be evacuated to definitive care (i.e. an aid station or field hospital) or a medic arrives to take over.

TCCC-CLS certificate provided upon completion.

Upcoming Training Classes to be Announced Soon Covering the Following Topics:

  • • Tactical Medical
  • • Defensive Firearms
  • • CQB
  • • Force on Force
  • • Church Security Audits
  • • Course Description 
  • • Enrollment 
  • • Training Calendar

Courses Available:

• Beginner Pistol Course (1-Day) $225.00 per student

• Beginner Rifle Course (1-Day) $275.00 per student

• Combat Pistol I Course (1-day) $275.00 per student

• Combat Rifle I Course (1-day) $325.00 per student

• Combat Pistol II Course (2-days) $425.00 per student

• Combat Rifle II Course (2-days) $475.00 per student

• Concealed Carry Pistol Course (1-Day) $275.00 per student

• Tactical Concealed Carry Course (2-Day) $375.00 per student

• Basic Tactical Room Clearing (3-days) 525.00 per student

• Hostage Rescue (LE, Military, Govt only) 5-days $1025.00 per student

• Extractions Course-Soft/Hard/Hot (3-Days) $525 per student

• Warrant Execution (LE/Govt only) 3-days $525.00 per student

• Linear Assaults (LE, Military, Govt only) 3-days $525.00 per student

• Active Shooter Course (3-days) $525.00 per student

• Evasive Driving (2-days) $375.00 per student

• Women’s Self-Defense (1-day) $175.00 per student

• Women’s Street- Smart Defense (3 days) $375.00 per student

• Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance Course (3-days) $525.00 per student

• Basic SWAT School (5-days) $625.00 per student

• Advanced SWAT School (7-days) $1,025 per student

• Physical Security Operations School (5-days) $1,025 per student

• Basic Executive/Dignitary Protection Course (3-Days) $375.00 per student

• Low Light/No Light Firearms Course (1-day) $225.00 per student

• Combat Swimming Techniques (2-days) $225.00 per student

• Basic Breaching Course (2-days) $325 per student

• Church Security Training (customized) donation only

• VBSS Course (4-days) $525 per student

• Combat Medical Course (3-days) $525 per student

• Combat Fighting Techniques (Ground, Stand-up, Weapons) 3 days $325 per student

• Open-Air Assault Course (3 days) $375.00 per student

• Military Special-Ops Prep Course (1 week) $525 per student

• Firearms Instructor School (5 days) $1,025 per student

• Shoot house Instructor School (5 Days) $1,025 per student

• Combat Grappling Course (3-Days) $325.00 per student

• Knife/Stick/Hand combat Course (3-Days) $325 per student

• Home Defense Course (customized) 2-Days $525 per residence

• Vehicle Firearms combat Course (1-Day) $525 per student

• Convoy/Motorcade Driving Course (2-Days) $525 per student

• Maritime Operations Security Course (3-Days) $625 per student

• Basic Land Navigation Course (1-day) $225.00 per student

****All classes must have a minimum of 10 students and a max number of 20****